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Kappa Pi Beta Fraternity Inc. is a premier social and service Asian-Interest (not Asian exclusive) fraternity seeking to defy the stereotypes associated with traditional social fraternities. We are a nationally recognized organization promoting the ideals of brotherhood, academic excellence, cultural awareness, etiquette, leadership, and philanthropy. Most importantly, we strive to build a foundation to help potential members manage their own future. We believe that it is our duty to help and empower individuals to become the best they can be. We are strong believers that “unity is the beginning of brotherhood.”

As a brother of Kappa Pi Beta, I will strive hard to further the existence of this great fraternity. I will do my best to bring forth a bond of unity to all of my fellow brothers that will stand the test of time. Along with the close relationships that are built, I pledge to promote academic excellence, brotherhood, cultural awareness, social mobility, philanthropy, gentlemen values, and respect towards the individual and community. Regardless of the letters i wear, what organizations I am in, or national origin, I will set the example that unity is the ultimate beginning of brotherhood. I will use these attributes as Development of my character and retain them even beyond my years of higher learning.

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Norman Chen

Norman Chen


J.R. Ellasos

J.R. Ellasos

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Allen Tang

Allen Tang


Phil Nguyen

Phil Nguyen


Sonny Del Rosario

Sonny Del Rosario


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